How It Works: Carriers & Agents

Let's take a look at how easy dashhaul is to use...

Easy Step Create your profile and complete the screening process to gain access to the DashHaul system.
Easy Step Click on the “truck” management tab in your dashboard and start naming and saving the trucks you want to be active on You can add as many trucks as you want as long as they all match your company and your MC#. This is a one-time step.
Easy Step Once you’ve created your profile and added trucks, all you have to do is check your trucks in when you need a load.
Easy Step Click on the “check in” button on your dashboard to share your location. Fill in the zip code where the truck is, the date its available and how far you’re willing to travel to pick up a load and then click “check in”. Do this daily and update it regularly depending on the location of your truck.
Easy Step From here offers will come to you automatically. The rate and the lane will be viewable under the “offers” tab and you can accept, reject or leave any offer.
Easy Step If you reject or leave an offer, there will be nothing left to do.
Easy Step If you accept a load you will be instantly connected with the Shipper who sent you the request.
Easy Step Pick up the shipment according to the time window you agreed to. All dispatch info will be available to you on your dashboard.
Easy Step Deliver the load and upload the POD to your system to ensure fast payment.
Easy Step Within 24-72 hours after delivery you will automatically be paid for the load you just delivered.