How It Works: Brokers

Looking For Trucks?

Easy Step Input your shipment zips and the date of your shipment to find available carriers.
Easy Step Filter your carrier results by what type of truck you need and get an instant rate along with a list of available carriers.
Easy Step Select carriers from that list that you wish to send your shipment details to and hit submit.
Easy Step Carrier accepts your shipment. Carrier contact information is exchanged on your dashboard. All documents can be uploaded right from the site. And you’re ready to ship.
Easy Step Communicate with the carrier about pick-up and delivery times or any other special requirements.
Easy Step Manage and track the load through your dashboard on
Easy Step Get POD from the carrier or consignee. Confirm the delivery in your profile. Archive that shipment for your records, review the carrier you just worked with and you’re done. It really is that simple!